Travis Williams and the Tassanara

Travis Williams’ Magical Inscription

Travis Williams chose the Magical Inscription Reward on Leoshine and on when he supported Leoshine’s ATBBoostR crowd funding campaign (you can still see what we did here).

He went way beyond magical though, when he designed the Aeolian Alphabet and the Tassanara Font for Leoshine. He created the treasures for our Internet Treasure Hunt with the unique and gorgeous letters. And we have all kinds of ideas for how to use his magical script, so keep your eyes peeled for it on covers, maps, and more treasure hunts!

In this interview, Travis gives us a deep dive into glyph creation and font manipulation. If you didn’t catch his first explanation, you can here: Leoshine BoostR Party Keep your eyes on his website BooksbyTravis to follow the progress of his upcoming book Uly Quits His Job.

Thank you Travis! You are a generous and imaginative creator! We look forward to watching your inventions grow!


  1. I just love this creative and magical Tassanara writing and the anticipation it gives to the soon release of Leoshine.

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