Writing on Medium

Siretona Creative, the boutique publisher that is bringing the Leoshine Series to her audience, has a publication on Medium called Words on the Wing. We are publishing Hagovi’s Bridge there – the text version. Every three or four days you can read a new installment! You can also listen to the audiobook by becoming a member of this website.

Cover by Travis Williams
Cover by Travis Williams


To increase my audience on Medium, I investigated various other publications that give readers high quality fiction. At Microcosm, they have writing prompts. In September, they encourage their writers to choose a genre they have never tried and write a short piece. I chose the Western and the Garleys were born. Now I can’t get them out of my head!


Now I have a quandary. There are many “magazines” on Medium that publish fiction. Do I come up with a new story for each publication? That’s not hard for me. The hard part is keeping them all straight as they publish at the same time!

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