The New Glossary

Originally I wrote the Glossary from Iliana’s point of view. She is new on Myxolidia and I thought she would have a good idea of what needed explaining.

She is also very interested in culture and throughout the story creates a community of artisans to cultivate the arts in Myxolidia. There is just one little problem with her. She is prejudiced. Her son is the pinnacle of Aeolian expression, in her mind, and all things Aeolian are superiour to Myxolidian.

She does not know this prejudice in herself. Do you know anyone who admits to prejudice when it is first pointed out to them? We are blind to our preferences when they hurt others.

I might have made the glossary come from Leoshine’s father’s point of view. He is definitely an expert in all things Myxolidian and he has learning and a way to codify the information. He has clear recognition that his people are suffering and that the Aeolians can help. His problem is the Myxolidian gift of vacillation. One moment he is giving the Aeolians what they want, the next he is consorting with his rebellious son who rejects everything Aeolian.

Therefore, I chose Leoshine to be our guide. She sees the benefit of the Aeolians while working to bring the good things of Myxolidia into the Aeolian’s view. She doesn’t let them forget that her people have ways and means of governing themselves, cultural practices and arts that have deep meaning and give dignity to them.

I wrote Leoshine with the Angles and the Saxons in mind. Then the Normans. We see the result of their amalgamation. We don’t think about the prejudices and subjugation that each brought to the other as they intermarried, their languages became mingled, and their laws became codified by successive kings. A little here, a little there, some from this group, some from that group.

Humans do that. They don’t do it gently or peacefully. History is written by the victors. But I don’t think there is one victor who is not influenced by the people he is trying to subjugate. After a few generations a new culture is born. The Third Culture Kid is the ultimate victor!

I hope Leoshine demonstrates that a third way exists for humans. Look for the good in each other. Be willing to recognise the bad in ourselves and give way to another. There really is room for all of us.

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