Who is Leoshine?

Leoshine is a young woman. She was raised by her mother in the women’s compound of the central palace of the only town under the Myxolidian Dome – a generated atmosphere. She has four siblings older than her. Her father is the leader of the town, making her a kind of princess.

She grew up sheltered, but aware of all kinds of bad in her world. I think older siblings bring influences to the younger ones that the parents can never anticipate!

When she was about eight years old her father disappeared for a while. She didn’t count time, but her last molars were growing in when he marched back into the town and took over leadership again.

When he came back, he changed Myxolidia with “new ideas” and Leoshine’s life changed more than anyone else’s. She had to wear a chest brace to hide the fact that she was ready for the Rite of Womanhood. She didn’t understand, but she instinctively felt the need for the protection. He took her out of the women’s compound into the world of men, government, and danger. Her brothers also took her out into the wilderness. She loved the adventure and the feeling of being different.

When she was about seventeen, Father’s “friends” invaded. The mystery of his disappearance was solved. The tall, armored aliens from another Dome that Father claimed to have visited demanded a complete change of everything in Myxolidia. They claimed they had the secret to regenerate the Dome that she didn’t even know was failing. The Aeolians piqued Leoshine’s curiosity and raised her fear, anger, and sorrow to new heights.

Which books in the series are published?

Leoshine, Princess Oracle is now available! Princess Quarry is due out in late 2023. Preorder now and get Book One audiobook for free!

How many books will there be? How long is the series?

When I signed on with Siretona Creative, I had three books in the Leoshine Series. Then we split book one in half. Then we split the second half of book one in half again.

Colleen McCubbin says I keep delivering sets of conjoined twins. At this rate, 3 books will be at least 8. I have copyrights for 7 titles.

Do you like longer books or shorter? I like books to fit in a backpack when printed. That is the biggest reason Princess Oracle and Princess Quarry are about 300 pages.

Print? eBook? Audiobook?

Yes! You can order a print book from the Tassanara Shop or your favourite retailer. The same goes for eBooks. I have promo codes for the audiobook! Anyone who preorders Princess Quarry at the Tassanara Shop will get Princess Oracle in audio! Keep an eye out for the preorder!

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You can find the audiobook for Princess Oracle at your favourite audiobook retailer too! That was a grueling effort! I narrated it myself since I am an audiobook narrator for other authors. The utility company moved in for 8 months to improve the fibre content of our neighbourhood (fibre optic cable). The vacuum trucks had a high pitch whine that penetrated my sound proof recording studio.

I also had a dear friend ready to record the male voices of Avram and Resham for me. He suffered a severe illness and was not able to work.

We persevered! I am excited to present to you Princess Oracle in audio! As soon as the manuscript for Princess Quarry is complete I will begin recording her audiobook. Probably late 2023.

How long have you been writing Leoshine?

I had the dream in 1999. The first draft was handwritten. In 2004 I got a laptop and soon after I bought Scrivener which is an author’s writing platform. In 2020 I signed up with Siretona Creative to edit Leoshine, Princess Oracle.

Twenty One years is a good amount of time for an epic to grow.

What is the worst thing that happened during the writing of Leoshine?

In the early days, I kept every part of Leoshine on a thumb drive. One day it got bent out of shape. I had no other copy and spent $900 retrieving the files. (Leoshine is worth it) Lesson learned!

What is the best thing that happened during the writing of Leoshine?

Community happened! My family and friends read early drafts and guided me to better story telling by believing in Leoshine’s story.

I am deeply grateful to my writer friends and readers all over the world. You have taught me, encouraged me, challenged me, and inspired me. Thank you for joining me here too!

The Third Culture Kid movement is new to me, and exciting and healing too! We share many characteristics and have powerful gifts to change the world for the better. I hope Leoshine is a unifying force in that community.

Covid has whipped one culture from beneath our feet and propelled us into another. We are all in Leoshine, Avram and Resham’s shoes. Leoshine gives us hope and resilience to rise and blend and explore and adapt.

What is Siretona Creative?

I was looking for an editor. I want to give my readers the best possible story told in the best possible way.

My friend, Katie Gerke, connected me with her friend Sandy, who connected me with Colleen McCubbin.

She and I had an enlightening conversation during an epic thunderstorm. At the end of our talk, I asked Colleen if she would be interested in editing Leoshine. There was a long pause and my heart sank.

Then Colleen said, “I’ll find an editor for your story. I want to publish it.”

Siretona Creative is a hybrid publisher. I carry some of the costs of publishing, and Colleen’s company takes on other costs.

Who should read Leoshine?

Are you of higher intelligence? Culturally aware? Interested in how humans interact with each other and their environment? You are Leoshine’s audience.

Third Culture Kids, Homeschoolers, Fantasy and Sci Fi lovers.

I want to give my readers value that they might not realise. When we read, our brains light up as if we are actually doing the thing we are reading about. We process our lives better when we engage with fiction.

I hope Leoshine’s resilience translates into your success.

What is a Third Culture Kid?

Someone who grows up in a culture (or many cultures) that is not their parents culture. Missionary kids, Military kids, Diplomatic kids, Banking kids. I’m a Mining kid myself. We have lived in multiple countries, know all the time zones without looking, and have an international friend list. We speak many languages, have high tolerance for our fellow humans, grieve what we lose while adapting freely to what we have in front of us.

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