Leoshine, Princess Quarry, book 2

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War. Sacrificial Princess. Addiction.

Can Leoshine survive her brother’s schemes?  Can Resham rescue her? Can Avram outlast his lust for revenge?

Book 2 delivers another gut wrenching episode of the Leoshine Series.

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Leoshine escapes Aeolian captivity into her brother’s arms only to be dragged through savage conditions and addiction. Paraded as the sacrificial princess that is supposed to save her people from the Aeolian invaders, Leoshine loses track of everything except Mercy.

Avram needs Leoshine more than his next breath, but she betrayed him. He will forgive her if he can kill her brother.

The trees call Resham to remember his Myxolidian roots and forsake the Aeolian he has become, as he hunts Leoshine and her brother through his childhood territory. Aware of the horrors Leoshine experiences, Resham can’t wait to sink his blade through her brother’s heart.

None of them see Leoshine’s Mercy Plea coming.

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