A New Word for Leoshine

First a huge shout out to Christina Pitre who is editing Leoshine, Princess Quarry, Book Two of the Leoshine Series. She has highlighted all kinds of improvements I can make and you, dear reader will be overjoyed and will understand and revel in the story so much more because of her work – if I, your humble author could make even half of them.

I promise, I am working very hard and doing my very best! You are in my thoughts all the time.

As the edits happen, objects and situations get clarified. There are four giant machines in the story and they just got a new name. The machines dig paths and pave roads in peace time. In war, they are weapons to silence the enemy, to lay them flat so they cannot resist the invading efforts to help them.

This is a delicate balance in our own world. Many resist the efforts of authority that have been abused in the past, but in correct balance can be beneficial to all of us.

The four giants are now called the PHAEV GAPIOH. How’s that for a name? Does that sound giantish? They are described as big black boxes, as tall as three Aeolian men, on huge soft tires to go over the rough terrain. They are not self propelled. I suppose they could be, but under Myxolidia’s delicate atmospheric Dome their emissions are too damaging. Avram, his generals, and his soldiers have to pull these mechanical beasts to the battle field.

Stay tuned for more updates from the editing line. I am very excited to bring you the next installment of the Leoshine Series!

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