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Canadian Women Treasure Hunt

Map of Myxolidia Treasure Hunt

ao Kenan Leoshine’s Glossary (terms and characters in Leoshine)

Hagovi’s Bridge (free audiobook)

Jigsaw Puzzles

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Tassanara Script Key* designed by Travis Williams

Isn’t is gorgeous! A visual feast! And the key to real treasure!

Would you like to type your own messages in Tassanara Script? Create your own treasure for your website? Here is the link to the free download. Also available here. Remember to drop us a message when you create treasure so we know to come looking!

*Extra notes for the key:

Canadian Women Internet Treasure Hunt

Our very first treasure hunt! We made it to celebrate International Women’s Day and the end of Leoshine’s ATBBoostR campaign in 2021.

The first treasure is here!

Here is a fun resource to help you:

Go to that blog. Find the picture with the Tassanara script on it. (Hint, it has a treasure box)

Decode the script to learn the name of the famous Canadian woman who is this treasure.

Follow the link provided to the next treasure.

Repeat until you get to the Answers Page.

Input your decoded answers into the Answers Page. Submit. Partial submissions are permitted. You can come back here and use the Answers Page link anytime.

Here’s a name to practice on!