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Are you creative? Everything I touch turns to art. Visual art, written, aural, tactile, you name it, I love it!

I trained as a musician and have taught music to over 700 students in 30 years. I draw, paint, sculpt, sew, embroider, crochet, macrame, tat, weave … I squish clay around, glue all kinds of stuff together, cut stuff up … I also dance on moonlit nights when the fairies and pixies reign.

Characters and worlds play in my mind until I write them down and build stories around them. Leoshine came to me in a dream. Kassy came from passing the same meadow spring day after day, season after season. Paris arrived with the true story of a young man struggling with hardship in an honourable way.

Narration allows me to play with other authors’ characters and worlds! I put my heart and soul into every project, in close partnership with the author, to deliver a rich sensory experience to earbuds near you!

Where are you from? Chances are, I’ve been there. Africa claims me as her child, Europe claims me as a nomad, Canada claims me as a settler. My voice, accent, outlook and style reflect all the places I have lived and loved.

What do you love? I love children and hope never to grow too old to get down on the floor and build, romp, or fly through a child’s imagination. I love animals and am pleased to say, they seem to love me back. Gardening, well, that’s an art isn’t it? Sunsets, a good cup of tea, setting the world straight with my friends, hats, clothing from cultures other than mine (another art form) …

I love ellipses, those three dots at the end of an incomplete sentence. They represent the time I’m taking to follow thoughts that have taken multiple directions. Can you follow multiple thoughts all at the same time?

My husband is my chief love and right here I’d like to express my gratitude to him for 30 years of dedication and support. My daughter is my hero, always seeking new ways to improve the world. Photography credits on this site go to her!

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