Written by N. MacCameron

Are you here for the Treasure Hunt?

You’ll find the Link to the first treasure and the Key to decode the Tassanara Font it’s written in Here.

Is Leoshine a Princess, a Slave, or a Queen?

The Aeolians set up a generated atmosphere (Dome) on Myxolidia, like their own. After a catastrophic mid-galactic accident, the Myxolidians tossed the Aeolians out, deciding they could run the atmosphere and society better without them.

The Aeolians, led by Avram, assisted by Resham, are back to reclaim and rescue their project.

Leoshine is the youngest daughter of the last mayor of Myxolidia, kept artificially young to preserve her from a brutal coming of age ritual. During the invasion, she is given by her own people to Avram as a peace offering. They expect him to use her the way they would.

Instead, he parades her as an example of the living conditions, education and technology he brings to her people.

When she escapes, her brother drugs her as an oracle priestess stirring rebellion against the invaders.

Join Leoshine in her epic fight for identity and dignity. Rise with Leoshine to her rightful leadership and influence.

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