Written by N. MacCameron

Are you here for the Treasure Hunt?

You’ll find the Link to the first treasure and the Key to decode the Tassanara Font it’s written in Here.

Other writing by N. MacCameron

Medium (affiliate link) is a virtual magazine rack. You can find non fiction and fiction articles on every subject under the sun, from every angle and opinion.

Siretona has a publication there Words on the Wing and we are publishing Hagovi’s Bridge, complete with audio, in serial form.

You can also read my western, Old Nick’s Garley, my TCK dog epistle, Reiley, my responses to 100 Images: Dragonchild, Fifty Bits, Dinah’s Coal-grime, La Liep Endorme, and many more!

Sci Fi Shorts Read a Science Fiction story in the time it takes to flush! 1000 words or less. I wrote Jettisoned, Oberon’s Obsession, The Foster, (can you guess which character this is an origin story for in Leoshine) and more! Every day you will get a new story in your inbox. Cutting edge stuff!

I am collaborating with two authors!

Tammy Brimner and I are writing a Contemporary Paranormal Romance about a young starlet who gets stuck in the characters she plays on stage. We’re calling it Star Stuck. Every week we meet to develop the plot and characters and to write. We have so much fun and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Travis Williams and I are writing episodic science fiction called To Nest Among Stars. Think of Star Trek, but with a entrepreneurial bend instead of military. Captain Aquila is hired by a company to fly the Loom of Heaven starship. She is responsible for 5000 pioneers who are looking to settle a new colony somewhere in space. Meanwhile there be aliens! Lots and lots of aliens. I am continually flabergasted at Travis’ imagination for coming up with new species. He is very certain that none of them are humanoid. Oh, well, maybe one of them is. And maybe that species has genetically altered some humans …

We meet once a week and are developing all kinds of things around the episodes, including a “making-of” podcast!

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