Famous Canadian Women Internet Treasure Hunt

Drumroll Please! We have winners!

All week we have been playing the Famous Canadian Women Internet Treasure Hunt! 

I would like to thank our bloggers – hosts for our treasures. John, Connie, Robert, Colleen, Emma, Emily, Devan, Katie, Lisa and Ramona.

I would like to thank all our participants! Everyone who played said it was a fun and interesting experience. This Treasure Hunt is still available to be played, and will be as long as the treasures remain on the web! 

The best news is, there is already a new treasure for the next hunt! Watch this space for the link. 

Now, the winners!

The winner of the audiobook of Leoshine, Princess Oracle is Katherine Hoffman! 

The winner of Emma Lombard’s eBook, Discerning Grace is Faye Hleuka! 

We are awarding a map of Leoshine’s world to Robert Stermscheg and Emily Davis! 

Congratulations to all! Enjoy your prizes!


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