Waiting for Leoshine, Princess Oracle

In August 2020, I signed up with Colleen McCubbin’s Siretona Creative to publish Leoshine.

In February 2021, we had a very successful ATBBoostR crowd funding campaign.

In March 2021, Anna Pederson began work on the cover art for Leoshine, Princess Oracle, Book One. We also worked to develop a map with several designers, especially Travis Williams.

In March, Travis developed the stunning Aeolian Alphabet and the Tassanara Typeface (See his interview here) and we held our first Internet Treasure Hunt.

In June 2021, We held a driveway Painting Delivery Party where Anna gave us the gorgeous painting. Also, we opened Leoshine’s Webstore where you can buy mugs and t-shirts, flip flops and notebooks with the cover art and map on them!

Through the summer of 2021, Leoshine, Princess Oracle has been under serious edits, strengthening the character and motivations of Avram, the Overlord of Myxolidia. Is he a good guy or a bad guy? How will a reader know?

I am very grateful for all the people who ask after my book. You keep me going through the delays and extra work that it takes to make this book as good as it can possibly be. You can be sure, with all the experts on our team, that this story will be told with the best skill and imagination we can find.

I am even hearing stories of people meeting each other and recognising Leoshine’s merchandise and finding out we are all connected!

To keep you entertained, and to give you an insight into my writing style, I am now publishing short fiction on Medium.com. Have you heard of them? I liken this web platform to a rack of magazines. You can find publications on every subject under the sun and from every angle of opinion under that same sun. (Some of the writers claim to be from other suns and I’ll not dispute it!)

Check out my long form serial fiction Hagovi’s Bridge on Words on the Wing.

Check out my short form serial Old Nick’s Garley on Microcosm.

Soon you’ll be able to read The New, a short story about pandemic culture shift on the Lark, Fairy Hostage on the Hinge, and Braithwight the Wind Sprite on Fantasy Shorts.

Creativity is flowing out of me in stories. I give them to you as you wait and I hope you enjoy them!

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