Madam Glitter Heap

Have you heard of Fraggle Rock?

How about Madam Heap? aka Marjory

My publisher, Colleen McCubbin of Siretona Creative and my sister Bea got together and decided I have innate wisdom that the world needs to hear. I don’t know if I fully believe them, but I play along as long as they play along with me.

I have a very dear person in my life who prefers to go unnamed. She is 87 years old as of this writing, and she is the youngest person I know. When I visited her recently, we were rolling up Christmas ribbons and sparkly giltter got all over my skirt. She reached over, took a pinch of the glitter and sprinkled it on my head.

I repeated her gesture of love on her head. She grabbed an entire handful, mostly imaginary with some representative glitter for good measure, and threw it at me. I didn’t waste any time repeating that gesture of love as well!

Therefore, henceforth, in the eyes of those who love me, I am called Madam Glitter Heap.


  1. That’s a funny story, which goes along with your name. I’m having fun following the exploits of Madam Glitter Heap.

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