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Book One, Princess Oracle has been my focus for a whole year now. She has been edited and edited again, there have been glorious new alphabets, maps and paintings and zoom parties. What a wild and entertaining ride! Soon she will be in your hands too!

This week I stepped back and took a look at the whole series. I did some major developmental editing, moving scenes from one book to the next, deleting duplicates, and then diving into the words and sentences of Book Two Princess Quarry.

Some of these books have not had any loving attention for ten years. Reading them assures me that my writing style and ability has improved. They are a kind of monument to where I came from and where I am now thanks to many, many beta readers, fellow writers, all the famous people out there who are teaching writing craft, and Siretona Creative who believes in my writing enough to partner with me.

Fractals by David Clode on Upsplash.com

Numbers mean very little to me, but fractals are vastly fascinating. I often say I can understand math theory better than application. String Theory is elegant and logical to me, but don’t ask me to lay out a formula for it! I recently watched the first episode of the Foundation Series by Isaac Asimov ( newly rendered by the BBC). Math is represented in glorious flowing sparkles! Wow! that’s the kind of math I want to do!

Spurred and inspired by Colleen McCubbin and Travis Williams, I embarked on the “Snowflake Method” of organising my thoughts on the six books of the Leoshine Series. Snow is a bit of an abomination to me so I prefer to call it the Fractal Method. As a start, I created a spreadsheet to summarize all the books and track their statistics.

Do you want to see? For those who enjoy numbers and for those who love to see things grow and develop like fractals, here is a sneak peek:

Book 1Book 2Book 3Book 4Book 5Book 6
81610 words107714 words66952 words103304 words75445 words182646 words
Princess OraclePrincess QuarryPrincess SlavePrincess ConsortPrincess CommanderPrincess Regina
31 Chapters50 Chapters
2 parts
47 Chapters
2 parts
51 Chapters
2 parts
29 Chapters50 Chapters 2 parts
A young woman learns a new culture. A leader accepts influence. An exile arrives home.A leader is tried by his peers while he waits for his beloved’s healing.A young woman awakes to the consequences of saving her enemy’s life.Brothers fight for power over a vulnerable life.Tragedy strikes a king in his personal and public life.The final battle proves Mercy Triumphs.
Leoshine Statistics

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