Typhoon Odette Strikes Leoshine’s Cover

A third culture kid views the whole world as our playground, workplace, and community. When something devastating happens anywhere, it is likely we know someone personally who is affected.

When I bought a cover package for Leoshine, Princess Oracle from 100 Covers, I was delighted to know the project manager and the designer were in the Philippines. This seemed to extend the global reach of Leoshine.

Anna Pederson painted the cover in Africa. Travis Williams in Georgia, USA made the Tassanara Font and gave me what I needed to direct 100 Covers. I wrote the story in Canada. People have given feed back from England and South Africa. Global reach is a strong theme here and gives me no end of joy.

Then, just as Colleen McCubbin and Hannah Cole were prettying up the inside (layout) of Leoshine, Princess Oracle, and I needed 100 Covers to complete the back cover, disaster struck in the form of Typhoon Odette.

Typhoon Rai brings destruction

Leoshine’s cover wasn’t an issue anymore. People were suffering death, starvation and disease from lack of clean drinking water. They lost family, possessions, living spaces and security. My heart goes out to them and I want to encourage you to donate to the organisations that are known to bring relief and comfort around the world.

Canadian Government (General disaster fund)

Red Cross (Philippines)

World Vision (Odette Relief)

UNISEF (Odette Relief) (This is the one I chose to contribute to.)

We will still use the 100 Covers design, when it comes to us. We will pray for the designer in Cebu City. Internet connection is the least of his worries!

As for Leoshine, she has her own disaster relief. Travis Williams and Colleen McCubbin worked their magic and the inside layout met the outside recreation. All was sent to Ingram Spark on the 27th of December!

The Wrap-around Cover by Travis Williams and Colleen McCubbin

Yes, this is a huge step forward. I am very grateful to Travis for his superhuman support and effort. As a thank you, I donated to his father’s Paul B. Williams ALS Transportation Program. They buy and maintain accessibility vans so that families of ALS patients can go on vacation with their loved one. Would you like to thank Travis with me?

Planet Earth is a very tiny spot on the Universe Map, but she is more important than any other because she cradles all the known life. One day we may colonize other planets. We may discover life elsewhere already sprouted. But for now, we are all we have. We can take care of our own.


  1. Nicola, thank you for telling your readers about the Paul B. Williams ALS Transportation Program. It’s a fantastic program that’s important to our family. We hear great stories from participants about how important it is to their quality of life. The program is unique. There are similar programs in other jurisdictions, but none that I know of that offer the option of receiving transportation service for personal travel unrelated to health care. While it can be used for visits to health care appointments, it’s not limited to that purpose. We are proud of that aspect of the program and I thank you for highlighting it in your post.

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