Leoshine arrives on my doorstep

How to make an author happy? Show her the first printed, paper book with all her and her team’s hard work on display.

I have waited for this day for 23 years, ever since that dream where a deliriously happy man was riding through a gully with others. I set out to tell why he was so happy and Leoshine was born.

Champagne to celebrate!

My husband, Robert, has seen Leoshine grow up. He has guided me from the business perspective and has helped me make good decisions toward publication.

He has also arranged celebrations along the way! He is really good at encouraging occasions, making sure there is champagne and delicious food, as well as pictures and videos to prove the moment.

My family has a long standing tradition of celebrating with champagne and labeling the cork. Everyone in attendance puts their initials on the cork and we save them for posterity.

I now have two corks for Leoshine! Will you help me make more? There are more books to publish in the Leoshine Series. More milestones to reach. More treasure to gain and endow through story.

Come put your initials on Leoshine’s joy!

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