You’re Invited!

On March 7th at 5 pm MST, we are having a zoom party to celebrate International Women’s Day and the end of my successful ATBBoostR campaign! This is your last week to contribute to getting Leoshine into the hands of her fans!

At the party we will hear from Colleen McCubbin, CCO of Siretona Creative, a boutique publisher that is revolutionizing how people share their writing.

We will hear from Travis Williams, graphic artist and author. He’s going to let us in on the secret of how he created the Tassanara Script for Leoshine.

We will also watch a short video about Anna Pederson’s progress on her original cover art for Leoshine, Princess Oracle, which your support for the ATBBoostR is funding.

And, we will demonstrate and launch our Internet Treasure Hunt! Ten famous Canadian women’s names have been hidden on blogs all over the world wide web. They are in Travis Williams’ Tassanara Script.

Follow the link fest, decode the clues with the key you’ll find in the members’ only page here on (Join here: Login Here | Not a member? Join Now) Enter the treasures you solve in the Answer Page. Bonus points for saying where the woman did her thing and what that thing was/is!

On March 14th 2021, we’ll announce the winners!

Prizes! An audiobook of Leoshine, Princess Oracle, an eBook of Discerning Grace by Emma Lombard, and a digital background of the map developed by Rachael Ward for Leoshine!

Yes! I am very excited about this! Life is rich and rewarding when shared, and this party and hunt are giving us new ways to be together!

See you there!

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